Pest Control Houston – Helping You Keep A Clean, Safe Home

Everybody hates pests. According to pest control Houston professionals, some of the most hated pests are represented by cockroaches. These tiny, ugly creatures tend to make an appearance when you don’t even expect. And it is quite embarrassing especially when you have guests. Moreover they look disgusting and have different secret hidings such as dark corners, ovens, drainages, cracks. They come out only to scavenge your entire food waist. But luckily there is an effective solution that can help getting rid of them. It is cheap and easy to find. You can purchase boric acid from agro-chemical retailers. All you have to do is prepare a cocktail consisting of boric acid, sugar, red onions and sugar all blended into a rather consistent paste and poured in storage containers. Choose the proper spots to place the containers in order to be accessible to cockroaches. You also have to know that boric acid is dangerous and it must be kept away from children. This procedure must be done every trimester.

Pests are mostly attracted by dirty households. Therefore if you keep everything clean you reduce the risk of having an infestation. Dispose regularly of all the waste from the kitchen bin, especially after dark. The cooker has to be cleaned immediately after preparing food; the dishes need to be washed in time. Unwashed dishes represent the most attractive sight for cockroaches and they enjoy feeding themselves with all the remains. If you spill anything on the floor, you should wipe it away using soapy water. It is also important to unclog any sewerage. Food has to stay covered. Expert pest control Houston services say that, when rodents and insects starve, they give up and seek for more favorable environments.

Rats can also ruin the cozy environment of your home. If you already had an unpleasant experience with rats, then you probably know that they only eat small pieces of their food. And they like to intrude in places that you don’t even expect. It is a shock when you see that they found their way to your closet ,where you keep all the quality clothing that you only wear on special occasions. The solution would be to use mouse traps when you deal with only a few of them. It is important to put some food that will attract the mouse into the trap. Fortunately mouse traps are designed to prevent mice from escaping once they are trapped in. Some of them are designed with loops that catch the animal if he is escaping the trap. It might also be an option to use poison against rodents. All you have to do is to mix it with food; otherwise the rodent wouldn’t take a single bite.

Against cockroaches, drosophila, or house-flies you might also use insecticides. You must also be careful to spray the insecticide without having any food around you since it is toxic if swallowed. Also be careful not to spray on any utensils. After spraying you must lock the door for at least 15 minutes in order to have the insects intoxicated. Don’t use the same insecticide on insects for a very long time because most of them become immune to a certain chemical. You might also want to seek for professional assistance if you haven’t managed to get rid of pests by yourself.

Pest control Houston

Unfortunately house pests carry a lot of germs since they live in dirty places, therefore there is always a risk to get food poisoning. So don’t forget to act fast and get rid of them by employing a professional pest control Houston service.


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